Rockwell provides metal buildings systems to meet a variety of construction needs. Whether you need a basic steel building, a complex facility, or one requiring vast open spaces, Rockwell has fast, easy, and environmentally friendly solutions.

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We at Rockwell Steel are committed to construct Steel buildings which are healthier and comfortable for occupants, easy and cost effective to operate. We improve quality of life by using strategies to increase our performance and reduce waste. We not only save the environment by going green but also save the cost on material and energy.

Why to go for Steel buildings? Steel doesn’t warp, rot, split, crack or creep. It doesn’t expand or contract due to moisture. Steel buildings promote healthy indoor environment as they are termite resistant. Steel buildings constructed by us are corrosion and rust resistant. Our high strength steel buildings are safe and need low maintenance. The aging of the structure is quite slow and they are safe from fire.

The problem related to foundations rarely creep up in the buildings constructed by Rockwell Steel and thus, there is very low probability of damage during high winds and earthquake. By adopting proper insulation techniques, we design steel framing that meet or exceed governmental energy efficiency standards. There are no leaks which result in costly energy loss because our buildings doesn’t contract or expand with humidity change. Homeowners who are sensitive to chemicals and environmental friendly are greatly benefited by our steel buildings and they get the best possible indoor air quality. The job of electricians and plumbers is made easier by our pre-punched halls for plumbing pipes. Your building structure remains sound and safe because no extra cuts or drilling is required. The job finishes quickly, saving your precious time and money.

There is an opportunity for customers to eliminate some expenses at the planning stage by owning pre-engineered homes, garages, sheds, commercial buildings etc. There are a variety of floor plans offered by us to meet your needs. The structure designed by us is always in compliance with all National Codes. Our steel framing is 100% recyclable.

Rockwell Steel offers complete and ready to use metal building system for light commercial applications. It can easily accommodate every efficient insulation, residential windows and doors. No additional expensive framing is required because the structure we provide is stud and truss based. It is ready for any wall and ceiling finishing material you select. The raw material we use is of the best quality available and so our finished product is of very high standard.

Commercial Steel Buildings - Rockwell Steel designs and manufactures commercial buildings according to your requisites. They can be customized in a wide variety of designs as per your needs. Rockwell Steel buildings are engineer crafted, so that they comply with all United States and international building codes. We design metal commercial buildings suiting the weather conditions of your region to ensure durability.

Religious Steel Buildings - Rockwell Steel specializes in constructing religious steel buildings which are affordable and fast to deliver. As great endorsers of faith, we at Rockwell Steel ensure to make metal buildings for church to reflect the true spirit and vision of the congregation. We provide complete multi-phase religious facilities.

Aviation Steel Buildings - We at Rockwell Steel engineer designs that can accommodate even the largest aircraft with column free interiors, eave heights and wide open floor space. We design hangers to securely house aircraft of every size from the largest jet aircrafts to single engine ones. We at Rockwell Steel understands that designing Aviation steel buildings has no place for short cuts.

Industrial Steel Buildings - Steel buildings constructed by Rockwell Steel are great exemplar of the progress in metallurgy. Rockwell Steel is a leading name in the industry and ensures that you get the structures made of highest quality American Steel. Rockwell Steel building maintains world-class manufacturing standards as we believe that quality and service are first and foremost in the steel industrial building construction business. This makes Rockwell Steel perfect choice for industrial use.

Agricultural Steel Buildings - Agricultural steel buildings constructed by Rockwell Steel are popular due to their toughness, durability and sturdiness. Agricultural steel buildings manufactured by us provide secure and protective housing for livestock and also serve as storage buildings for agricultural equipments, productions and machinery. At Rockwell Steel, we build agricultural steel buildings as per your requirements.

Institutional Steel Buildings - Rockwell Steel makes the most of what others consider to be a lengthy and expensive construction process. We provide you cost effective and durable industrial metal buildings. Our industrial steel buildings provide you with many advantages. Rockwell Steel buildings save a lot of money in comparison to structures which are designed using conventional methods.