Auto stocks gain on jobs report. GM up 7%

Shares of General Motors and Ford surged on Friday following strong data on the U.S. job market.

Beat stress for less

This year the end of the holidays probably didn’t bring the usual stress relief; there are still worries about unemployment, a flailing housing market, and a volatile stock market, all of which may be taking a toll on your health.

Dow at 4-year high, Nasdaq hits 11-year high

U.S. stocks rallied Friday, as investors cheered a much stronger-than-expected jobs report.

Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in plane crash

Micron CEO and chairman Steve Appleton died Friday morning in a small-plane crash in Boise.

Big drop in unemployment rate for blacks

The unemployment rate for blacks fell more than 2 percentage points last month to its lowest level since March 2009.

New York sues banks over foreclosures

The New York attorney general sued some of the nation’s biggest banks on Friday, accusing them of unlawful and deceptive practices for relying on a private electronic registry that tracks mortgages.

Facebook IPO shrinks private trading market

Facebook has played a big role in the private trading markets that allow eligible investors the chance to snap up shares of hot Internet companies years before they go public.

Stealth jobs boom: 6 months, 2 million jobs

Companies are saying the job market is getting better. Workers are saying it’s already kicked into high gear.

Place your bets on Facebook’s IPO — literally

Facebook has finally filed for an IPO, but it likely won’t start trading for months. For those who can’t wait to gamble on the stock market, bookies are accepting bets.

Kiss QE3 hopes goodbye. And good riddance!

The strong January jobs report may finally put a nail in the QE3 coffin.