Greece’s fate uncertain as bailout talks drag on

Eurozone finance officials remained behind closed doors late Monday as a crucial round of talks over a second bailout for Greece looked set to run late into the night.

A third-party deficit hawk for president?

In the not-so-distant past, a crusading third-party presidential candidate ran a grass-roots, national campaign on a platform of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

China boosts world markets

China’s move to keep its economy going lifted stock markets around the world Monday, as investors wait to see if Greece will secure a second bailout.

The other foreclosure settlement: Millions of homeowners eligible

Millions of borrowers who suffered financial losses because their mortgage lenders played fast and loose while processing their foreclosures now have two ways of getting a payback.

Oil prices spike on Iran export halt. Is $4 gas next?

Oil prices rose Monday after Iran cut exports to Britain and France, raising worries that higher gas prices may follow suit.

PayPal co-founder donates millions to Ron Paul super PAC

Silicon Valley renaissance man Peter Thiel donated another $1.7 million in January to a super PAC that backs Ron Paul, according to disclosure documents filed Monday.

Manufacturing: Not a magic pill for the economy

Michael W. Klein is a professor at Tuft University’s Fletcher School and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at The Brookings Institution. Klein recently served as chief economist for the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Treasury in the Obama Administration.

Easing your way into retirement (on your own terms)

At age 60, Kathy Frederick routinely put in 50 hours a week as a hospital administrator for Scripps Health Systems in San Diego. She managed a 15-person staff, and regularly took work home on week-ends — until one day five years ago she decided enough was enough. “I wasn’t ready to retire,” says Frederick, “but after 18 years at that pace, I wanted a different challenge and more time for myself.”

China eases bank restriction to boost growth

China’s central bank said it would cut the amount banks must hold in reserve, a step toward boosting lending and maintaining strong economic growth.

Greek bailout: The pressure is on

It’s officially crunch time. European finance ministers need to agree to the terms of a second bailout to keep Greece from defaulting on an upcoming bond payment.