The corporate tax myth

U.S. corporations pay one of the highest tax rates in the world. There’s little debate about that.

IRS has $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds for 2008

If you still haven’t filed your 2008 tax return, you could be missing out on some serious cash.

Fear of Iran is inflating gas prices

Tensions with Iran are adding at least 30 cents to a gallon of gasoline in the United States, and experts say gas prices have only just begun to rise.

White House pushes online privacy bill of rights

The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled a new online bill of rights intended to protect consumers’ privacy when they surf the Web.

No iPhone leads 700,000 customers to flee T-Mobile

It hurts to be the only national carrier that doesn’t sell the iPhone.

Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

The White House on Thursday unveiled its proposed “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights,” a voluntary act that it called a “comprehensive blueprint” for future legislation. The full text of the bill is below. The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights applies to personal data, which means any data, including aggregations of data, that is linkable to a specific individual. Personal data may include data that is linked to a specific computer or other device. The Administration supports Federal legislation that adopts the principles of the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. Even without legislation, the Administration will convene multistakeholder processes that use these rights as a template for codes of conduct that are enforceable by the Federal Trade Commission. These elements — the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, codes of conduct, and strong enforcement — will increase interoperability between the U.S. consumer data privacy framework and those of our international partners.

The corporate tax ‘shell game’

It sounds great.

Million-dollar foreclosures rise as rich walk away

Five years after the housing bubble burst, America’s wealthiest families are now losing their homes to foreclosure at a faster rate than the rest of the country — and many of them are doing so voluntarily.

How to save U.S. manufacturing jobs

Howard Wial is a fellow for the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program.

The Fancy: Curate your own personal shopping catalog

What do flaming baked Alaska cupcakes, a sci-fi floating hot tub, and a hammock dog bed have in common? They’re all items that hundreds of users have “Fancy’d” on a site called The Fancy.