Yahoo sues Facebook for patent infringement

Yahoo filed a lawsuit against Facebook Monday, alleging that the social media giant infringed on 10 of its patents related to advertising, privacy, customization, messaging and social networking.

Turning the homeless into 4G hotspots

It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s true: A project called “Homeless Hotspots” is turning homeless Austin residents into mobile wireless hotspots outside the South by Southwest convention center.

Stocks on hold ahead of Fed

Stock closed mixed, after moving in a narrow range for most of the trading day.

U.S. and EU claim victory in Boeing subsidy case

The World Trade Organization issued a ruling Monday to settle a dispute between the European Union and United States over subsidies received by Boeing. Officials on both sides of the Atlantic quickly sought to portray the decision as a victory for their domestic airline industries.

AIG shouldn’t get tax breaks – ex-watchdogs

Four former members of a watchdog panel on Monday urged the Treasury Department to end tax breaks for government-bailed-out insurer AIG.

Housing settlement details filed in court

Final details were filed in federal court Monday in the $26 billion settlement to help struggling homeowners and settle charges against big banks of abusive and negligent foreclosure practices.

The dollar is mighty once more

The U.S. economy appears to be gradually improving — and the dollar is coming along for the ride. Imagine that.

YouWho? Chinese online video companies merge

Two Chinese online video companies agreed to merge Monday in an all-stock deal that will create a major new player in the rapidly growing market.

U.S. investigates Ford Tauruses for stuck throttles

Ford Motor Co. is the target of a safety investigation involving reports of unintended acceleration.

What China’s sharp trade deficit means

China shocked the world this weekend when it announced its largest trade deficit in more than two decades.